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CCTV Systems

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Below you will find some of the key systems we are partners with. By being partners we can offer full technical support and always provide the most up to date products if you can not see your product or would like information on any other products please click here to contact us.

We also support, Hanwha, Dauha, Genetec, Avigilon and many more

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks will help your business save time and money with our flexible cloud-based surveillance system. Use your existing security cameras, view all your locations on the go from your mobile device, discover business insights with easy-to-use AI and analytics, and more. 

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Milestone Systems

Whether you have a small flower shop with a few cameras, or an airport with 1,000+, we have a solution for you. Their product range lets you build the best solution for your current business needs — as well as easily upgrade or add functionalities as your business grows. Build your surveillance system on a solid foundation. Build it with Milestone XProtect.

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Achieving excellence requires an eye for detail, a vision for success and the focus to see it through. It's a rare combination that Hikvision has created with Hikvision SeeClear: a set of technologies designed to give you a precise, uninterrupted view of every situation. Equipped with this comprehensive outlook, you are empowered to make rapid decisions for an optimal outcome every time.

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Control Center comes in three tiers, IndigoUltra, IndigoPro and IndigoLite, giving you access to unlimited scalability so your system can grow with your requirements. As our system is ONVIF compliant, you can easily add third-party integrations and cameras to create a tailored security solution.

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